6 Important facts to consider about a flat roof

What is a flat roof?

As its name implies, a flat roof offers the same level of protection that a traditional roof does, but it appears flat rather than pitched. This distinction can provide homeowners and business owners a variety of benefits that a traditional roof cannot, but can also add additional complications. Often, homeowners choose a flat roof for the style and functionality of the roof as they add a modern appearance. Flat roofs in Tampa, FL are very common for businesses as it allows for the placement of AC units, easy access, and a home for other big structures that may not have space inside or on the sides of the building.

Benefits of a flat roof

  • More affordable materials
  • Can be installed quickly
  • Provides usable outdoor space
  • Easier to maintain

6 facts about flat roofs

  1. Flat roofs require professional care
    Since a flat roof is more of a specialty roof, it is important to have it built, maintained, and repaired by a professional roofing contractor like Stay Dry Roofing. This is because there are crucial factors that need to be considered for a flat roof, such as the pitch, insulation, materials, and understanding of how the roof functions. Amateur roofers or owners should not attempt repairs themselves because they can damage the integrity of the roof, especially if the roof is commonly used to be walked on or to support heavy structures. Always choose a professional roofing contractor when caring for your flat roof
  2. Flat roofs aren’t actually flat!
    This may sound contradictory, but there is always a slight pitch to the roof. This pitch, or slope, allows for proper rain and water runoff. Without this, the water would pool up on the roof and eventually cause water damage. However, when your flat roof is installed professionally, this pitch on the roof is so slight that it can be hardly noticeable. You’ll still be able to enjoy the functionality of the flat roof and the appearance without it looking like a traditional sloped roof.
  3. Flat roofs can last for over two decades
    Many people falsely believe that a flat roof won’t last as long as a traditional roof. They often think this because flat roofs see a lot more activity with people walking on them, possible pooling of water, sun damage, etc. While these concerns are understandable, a flat roof can last your home or business over twenty years if properly maintained and repaired. A flat roof is designed and built to support activity and prevent water pooling and excessive damage, so these are not concerns you should worry about. And if there is ever a problem or a large storm, having a trusted roofing contractor inspect and maintain the roof will help increase the longevity of the roof.
  4. Flat roofs are great for gardens and patios
    While many homeowners don’t need to put an AC unit on their roof, they may want to use their flat roof as a garden or patio. As long as there is easy access to the roof, these make excellent outdoor spaces. Homeowners often build gardens or patios to entertain guests and enjoy the Florida sunshine in a unique area of the home. This is also often seen in restaurants and hospitality structures.
  5. Flat roofs are great for large business structures
    If your business is looking for a place to hide or store a large HVAC unit, shed, tower, or any other big structure, flat roofs make excellent options. Since these roofs are designed to support people and structures, you can utilize them as usable space for your business. This not only hides unattractive structures where guests and customers can’t see them, but gives you easy access to them too.
  6. Flat roofs save your energy bill
    flat roof is also one of the most energy efficient roofing options. The material that it is constructed from can easily reflect light to help keep the building comfortable during our hot Florida summers. Additionally, the material is often made to remain cool so that when home or business owners walk over it, they are not burned or uncomfortable. And when built with proper insulation, you can expect to stay comfortable year-round!

Choose stay dry roofing for all your flat roof needs

Stay Dry Roofing offers experienced and professional installation, maintenance, and repair of all flat roofs in the Tampa, FL area and beyond. Our team is family-owned and has been serving residents and business owners for over 30 years! We always take pride in our work, no matter how big or small, and ensure all flat roofs are built with safety, longevity, and functionality in mind. If you are considering a flat roof for your home or business, give our roofing contractors a call and we can provide you with a free estimate! You’ll love the space and appearance a flat roof provides, so get started today! 

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