5 Important advantages of having a metal roof

Metal roofs vs. traditional roofs

When most people think of a roof, they often initially imagine shingles for residential or a flat roof for commercial buildings. And while these are two very common and effective roofing types, both homeowners and business owners can also benefit greatly from a metal roof. In Tampa, FL, and surrounding areas, metal roofs can be a huge asset in more ways than one! Our team of professional roofing contractors at Stay Dry Roofing can help you discover if a metal roof is right for your home or business, and even install, repair, or replace a metal roof so you can rest at ease knowing you are protected.

Metal Roof Tampa Florida

5 benefits of having a metal roof in Florida

Hurricane resistant:
One of the biggest concerns for most Floridians is hurricane season, and every year it seems we have more and more big storms threatening the state. Hurricanes pose a serious concern to both commercial and residential owners, especially when it comes to the roof. We have all heard stories or know someone who had severe roof damage after a big hurricane. 

With a metal roof, you give your business or home the highest level of protection. Metal roofs are some of the most durable roofing options you can choose. Not only will you not have to worry about shingles blowing off in the wind, but you’ll be protected from debris damage as well. Many Floridians find that a metal roof gives them peace of mind during this stressful hurricane season.

Damage to roof from storm or hurricane

Thanks to the durability and material of metal roofs, you can expect it to last you many, many years. Depending on weather, upkeep, and maintenance, you can expect a metal roof to last anywhere from 40-70 years! This is a significant investment and practically doubles the longevity of other roofing options. Even during big storms and debris damage, you can expect your metal roof to stand the test of time. 

One of the best ways to ensure your metal roofs lasts you up to 70 years is to have routine maintenance and inspections performed. This will ensure there are no weak spots in the roof and any damage that may have occurred from a hurricane or years of neglect can be taken care of. 

Energy efficient:
Contrary to popular belief, metal roofs are actually very energy efficient! Most people believe that their metal roof is going to trap heat, especially during our hot Florida summers. But the opposite is actually true! A metal roof proves to be so efficient because it reflects solar radiant heat!  A study funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and conducted by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory shows why metal roofs promote energy conservation in the home. This can actually lower your overall cooling bill by up to 10% to 25%! 

As a bonus, metal roofs are also very environmentally friendly. The material they are made from is almost entirely recyclable! So when it does come time to replace the roof, or repair damaged sections, you can feel confident in knowing that you’re still doing your part to protect the environment and planet. 

Metal roofs provide safety in a range of different ways. One of the leading safety features for a metal roof, that many Florida residents and business owners enjoy, is the fact that they are not flammable. While it is very rare that a roof will catch fire, those roofs made of traditional materials are more likely to be damaged during a lightning strike, accident, or even stray firework! However, a metal roof protects your family, belongings, and livelihood from that kind of damage. 

Additionally, the improved durability of a metal roof means that it is better able to protect your family or business in the long-term. Whether it be from hurricanes, fires, or rain, a metal roof is one of the most safe options you can choose! 

When it comes to aesthetics, metal roofs add a unique appearance to your everyday building. If you are looking to have your home or business stand out among the others, a metal roof is a focal point for every visitor! For many it provides a more modern appearance, but depending on the outside of your home or business, it can also give off a rustic, farmhouse style look.

We are able to help you achieve your desired aesthetic look by changing the pitch of the roof and the paint of the metal. Depending on the style you want, you can work with our team at Stay Dry Roofing and we will help you create the roof appearance that matches what you envision! 

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