Which should you choose: metal or shingle roofing ?

What you need to know about your roof material

If you are considering putting a new roof on your home or business, making the right choice for your roof material is crucial. Your roof is one of the most critical aspects of your home or business, as it protects you, your family, and your investments from the elements, ensuring years of worry-free living. But when it comes to installing the roof, you have options for the material you’d like to use. Two of the most common roofing materials are shingles and metal. Both have pros and cons which should be fully understood before making such an important decision. 

metal vs shingle roof

The pros of a metal roof

A metal roof is one of the longest lasting and durable roof materials for Tampa, FL homes. When you choose a metal roof, you are taking advantage of durability and longevity, as most metal roofs can last up to 50 years! Being in Florida, many home or business owners incorrectly believe that metal roofs attract heat and will increase the cost of your cooling bills. However, the truth is that a metal roof reflects heat better than other roof material options. And due to the material the roof is made out of, a metal roof is highly resistant to wind, rain, and debris. This is very beneficial during hurricane season and for those homes or businesses that have a plethora of trees surrounding the building. 

Additionally, with a metal roof, you have a wide range of options for colors and styles to add more curb appeal to your home. You aren’t stuck with only silver as a choice, but can enjoy colors ranging from green, to red, or even blue. And many environmentally conscious people love the fact that their metal roof is also completely recyclable! This means that when it does come time to replace the roof (in over 50 years), you can rest assured that it won’t just end up in a landfill. 

The cons of a metal roof

Choosing a metal roof sounds like the perfect option, right? For many people it is! But it is worth noting some of the cons that can be associated with a metal roof before making your final decision. One of the biggest drawbacks that prevent most home or business owners from choosing a metal roof is the overall cost. Due to how durable the material is, the cost of a metal roof is usually higher than a shingle roof. This is often offset by the longevity and durability of the roof, but for those not anticipating staying in the same home or building for many years, it might not be cost-effective. 

And for those who live in HOA-restricted neighborhoods, a metal roof is not always acceptable. Many HOA neighborhoods require shingle or tile roofs and having a metal roof installed may violate your terms. Stay Dry Roofing always recommends that you check your bylaws and regulations before committing to a metal roof.

The pros of a shingle roof

A shingle roof is one of the most common roof materials for both homes and businesses. This is often thanks to the affordability of the option and how quickly and easily they can be installed. At Stay Dry Roofing, we also offer our clients the option of a GAF certified roofing system. As a GAF Master Elite certified contractor, we can offer the most premier asphalt shingle system ever, giving you a warranty of up to 50 years on your new roof! 

Shingle roofs are also widely accepted in HOAs, giving homeowners peace of mind when choosing their next roof. This style is easy for our contractors to install and the materials are readily available. This means that the roof will not take long to install, allowing you to get back to your regular day-to-day. 

The cons of a shingle roof

It comes as no surprise however, that a shingle roof is not as strong or durable as a metal roof. While shingles can last many years, often over 20, they cannot sustain serious damage. This often leads to more frequent repairs or maintenance being performed over the lifetime of the roof. Shingles can become cracked, dislodged, or even fall off during large hurricanes or from falling debris. However, a GAF roofing system provides a warranty on the Golden Pledge level to cover 100% of material defects for 50 years!

Regardless of your choice, choose the best roofing contractor in Tampa, FL

When it comes to metal or shingle roof materials, you really can’t go wrong. The choice depends on personal preference and some restrictions from HOA or business regulations. To make the right choice, choose Stay Dry Roofing as your professional roofing contractor in Tampa, FL. Our team has been serving the area for over 30 years and is a family owned and operated business. Our promise is to always treat every client like family and treat your home or business as if it were our own. Don’t get your new roof installed by a contractor with a poor reputation. Choose the best in the area!

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