The Best and Worst Season to Replace Your Roof

How do seasons impact your roof?

While your roof is designed and intended to withstand and last through every season, there are things to consider, especially when it comes to when is the best time to replace a roof. In Tampa, FL and all of the state in general, we are fortunate to not have rough winters with heavy snow weighing down on our roof. However, we do have to deal with rainy seasons and even hurricanes, which can do more damage than an average snowstorm. 

Understanding what season is best for you to have a roof replacement completed in will make a huge difference to your overall experience. Because let’s face it, nobody really wants to have to replace their roof and deal with construction crews and stress for too long. So choosing the right time makes a huge difference to your experience. 

the best season to replace roof in tampa

What season is the best time to replace a roof in Florida? 

  1. Winter

The winter season, in Florida, is the best time for you to replace your roof. During this season contractors and construction crews don’t have to worry about rain, heat, or winds which can slow down and delay projects. Thanks to our climate in Florida, winter allows contractors to work more efficiently and in most cases, projects can be completed faster. With less breaks due to overheating and fewer rainstorms, we find that winter is the ideal season to schedule a roof replacement.

  1. Fall

Fall proves to be another excellent season to begin a roof replacement project. Similar to winter, there are fewer obstacles to overcome during the season that will slow down or prevent your roof replacement project from being completed. While our fall season in Florida is not as long as most other states, we recommend it as one of the best time to replace a roof. This is especially true since it follows the hurricane season, where many roofs are damaged.

  1. Spring

While not ideal, the spring season can be a decent time to do roof replacement. Often contractors and construction crews have to work around the rains, which delays projects, but the heat is not quite as severe. The earlier in the spring is better when it comes to roof replacement, because most contractors want to be sure to have the project completed before hurricane season starts. 

  1. Summer

By far the most troublesome season to start a roof replacement project is the summer. There are many factors that make this a difficult season, including heat, rains, and potential hurricanes. For contractors, working exposed on rooftops during the summer heat can really drain the energy of the crews. To be safe, the contractors will need to take frequent water breaks, which slows down the overall project. Similar to spring, frequent rains can delay your project as well. Worse of all, hurricanes can significantly delay projects if damage to the roof occurs or materials are lost. If you need to replace a roof during the summer season, make sure you choose a qualified and trustworthy contractor who can get the project done in a timely and efficient manner. 

Why choose Stay Dry Roofing?

When it comes to roof replacement, Stay Dry Roofing of Tampa, FL has you covered. Our team can work with you to give you the end results you deserve, no matter the season. Our contractors have worked in Florida for over 30 years, and have replaced and repaired roofs in every season, including the difficult summer months. When you choose Stay Dry Roofing, any season is the best time to replace a roof for your Tampa, FL or surrounding area home or business. But don’t wait too long to schedule your roof replacement, because the prime winter and fall months get filled up fast!

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