Roofing materials: How your roof withstands Florida’s climate

Understanding the different roof materials

Since your roof likely only needs to be replaced once or twice in your lifetime for the average homeowner, knowing the different kinds of roofing material may not be common knowledge. And once you understand what different materials are offered, you’ll have to figure out which is best for you, your home, and the Tampa, FL climate. 

  • Asphalt shingles. This is one of the most common types of roofing materials used. These are thin, yet durable, protection that is also the most affordable material to install on your roof. Shingles come in a wide range of colors and can be installed fairly quickly. If you are on a budget when it comes to installing a new roof, asphalt shingles might be a great solution.
  • Premium shingles. These are a step above asphalt shingles in look, durability, protection, and even price. Many times, these premium shingles are installed in a unique and specific way to provide ultimate protection to your home. The GAF roofing system is often considered to be a premium solution, combining the ease of shingle installation with the durability and longevity of top-of-the-line material.
  • Tile shingles. These are hard tiles made from either clay, slate, or concrete and give your roof a high-end appearance. While often more expensive, you can get a wide range of colors and shapes to suit your needs and wants. 
  • Metal roof. A metal roof is one of the more uncommon roofing solutions, but is gaining popularity due to its durability and longevity. You’ll need to check with your HOA to see if this is approved, but a metal roof can be the only roof you’ll ever need if installed and maintained properly! 

How long will a roof last?

In Tampa, FL, roofing materials can last a wide range of years. There are a lot of factors to consider when providing an estimate on roof longevity, including who installed the roof, the routine maintenance performed on the roof, and what storms and hurricanes may do. So below is the average lifespan of each material, all things considered equal.

In some cases property insurers are dropping homeowners based on your roof’s age

Surviving Florida’s heat

Every roof is built to withstand heat. However, in Florida, our heat is often on another level compared to the rest of the country, so it affects the roof differently than everywhere else. This means that taking care of your roof and ensuring that it is installed properly is crucial to extend the longevity. Adding ventilation along the roof helps with this as it provides the hot air a place to escape. 

Surviving Florida’s rain

Your roof is also designed to protect your home from rain. But in order to do this effectively, especially during Florida’s rainy season or during big storms, it is important to make sure your roof is kept in ideal condition. This means performing routine inspections and maintenance, especially if you are missing shingles, have cracked tiles or had a big storm recently through your area. One of the best ways to enhance your roof longevity in regards to the rain, is to install gutters on your home and keep them clear and clean. 


Surviving Florida’s wind

Florida is the hurricane state, so wind can be a huge factor in how your roof holds up. It is important to keep any loose shingles or tiles secure, so as soon as you see something that looks off, repairing it will prevent lost roofing material and keep you dry. The good news is that almost all roofing materials stand up well to wind when in proper condition. And metal roofs survive wind best of all!

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