6 roofing problems prevented with regular roof maintenance

Maintain your roof for years of dry living

Many people believe that their roof can take care of itself. And while roofs are sturdy structures, they need routine maintenance to keep their quality and longevity. With a properly maintained roof that is installed and cared for by Stay Dry Roofing, you can expect around 50 years of warranty protection! That level of protection will ensure your family or business is cared for throughout the foreseeable future! With proactive roof maintenance in Tampa, FL and surrounding areas, you’ll feel confident inside your home no matter the condition outside!

6 roofing problems prevented with regular roof maintenance

What is roof maintenance?

Roof maintenance is simply the proactive care, repair, and observation of your roof over time. This includes checking for damage or missing roofing structures, looking for weaknesses or compromises in your roofing system, and ensuring the integrity of your roof for the long run. Some of the things that we might look for include:

Roof leaks

If your roof is dripping water inside the house or around the areas like a chimney or gutters, you likely have a leak somewhere. Repairing this can make sure the water damage doesn’t get worse and you stay dry inside.

Pooled water

Most roofs have a slope to them that allows water to run off. But if you have a flat roof, or your slope has been altered over time, you may experience water pooling. This often leads to leaks in the near future. By catching this early, you can protect yourself for more costly and worrisome concerns.

Roof holes

Nobody wants a hole in their roof…it defeats the whole purpose of the roof to begin with. Proper roof maintenance can make sure that weaknesses in your roof are identified and we will even look at your surrounding trees to help spot potential damage before the next big hurricane!


If your roof has excessive debris on top, we will help remove the debris and check underneath for potential damage. Even leaving leaves on the roof can lead to leaks or pooling water, so regular roof maintenance just for this alone is important.

Clogged gutters

Gutters are very valuable tools to protect your roof and many people ignore them until there is a problem. Keeping gutters clean, attached to the side of the house, and in working order will ensure that rain runoff continues to go away from your home instead of pooling up to spill over the sides.

Why get roof maintenance from stay dry roofing

The reasoning is all in our name; we will help you stay dry for years to come! We recommend performing routine roof maintenance in Tampa, FL and surrounding areas at least once a year or after every big storm. Even if you did not get your roof from us, our team will still perform regular maintenance on your home to ensure it stays in working order. We believe in honesty and transparency, and will never try to trick you into getting a new roof if you don’t need one.

Keep your roof maintained with stay dry roofing

To minimize problems and repairs, routine maintenance is always recommended. Our team is able to come out and provide repairs or upkeep to your roof, even if you didn’t get your roof from us. Out Master Elite contractors are always honest and transparent when it comes to maintenance, so you’ll never have to worry about being charged for unnecessary work or feel as if you don’t understand what needs to be done. Call Stay Dry Roofing today at 813-232-9430 to set up roof maintenance to protect your home!

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