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Why routine maintenance of your roof is important

When you choose to have a roof built by Stay Dry Roofing, you are getting 50 years of warranty protection. But problems can happen, especially in Florida during our storm and hurricane season. When damage occurs or you just need routine maintenance to keep your roof protecting you as it should, we are always there for you. At Stay Dry Roofing, we pride ourselves on our ease of communication and ability to provide maintenance and repairs in a timely manner.

To minimize problems and repairs, routine maintenance is always recommended. Our team is able to come out and provide repairs or upkeep to your roof, even if you didn’t get your roof from us. Out Master Elite contractors are always honest and transparent when it comes to maintenance, so you’ll never have to worry about being charged for unnecessary work or feel as if you don’t understand what needs to be done.

Roof maintenance services in Tampa Bay

A common concern in Florida, a roof leak can occur when there was previous damage to the roof, cracks in structures like chimneys, under shingles, or around gutters. Our team can locate the source of the leak, provide necessary maintenance and get you feeling dry again.
Often leading to roof leaks, pooled water is when there is improper drainage on your roof. While most roofs have a steep slope, flat roofs are often most susceptible to pooled water, as are balconies. We can repair the wet location and create a solution to prevent pooling in the future.
One of the biggest concerns during hurricane season, debris falling on the roof to cause holes will mean rain, animals, dirt, and more will get into your home structure. We consider roof holes to be a roof maintenance emergency and will be out to repair your hole as soon as possible.
Cracked shingles often occur as a result of debris falling onto them, age, or extreme sun damage that makes them brittle. When a shingle is cracked, it no longer provides the protection or water resistance you need to keep a dry home. We can easily replace shingles with high-quality GAF shingles.
Debris that gathers or falls on your roof can cause all kinds of problems, from holes, to cracks, and mold. Debris can occur during a storm or if you have many large trees around your home.
Clogged gutters are more serious than many people think. Not only does it cause water to back up and spill over the sides, the water can get under the eaves of the roof and cause rot. Our team to clean out gutters and install solutions that will prevent leaves and debris from clogging them again.

Elite level craftsmanship and certifications

When you need to provide protection for everything in your life, from family, belongings, or even a business, you should never settle for anything less than the best. We have been servicing Tampa Bay, FL and the surrounding areas for over 30 years and our roofers are GAF Master Elite Contractors, a prestigious title held by less than 2% of all contractors. Our craftsmanship and certifications aren’t just for your peace of mind, they are a guarantee that your roof will keep your life covered for years to come. .
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Roof maintenance to keep your roof lasting 50 years

Make your roof a long-term investment by keeping it healthy with routine maintenance. Stay Dry Roofing offers the best warranties in the industry only available through a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor like us. This means if any problems occur, our Golden Pledge covers 100% of material defects for 50 years.
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