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Inspections give peace of mind

The roof to your home or business is the first line of defense you have from outside elements, yet many homeowners tend to neglect taking care of their roof. This leads to problems developing, many times unknown to the owner. Having a roof inspection performed by a professional roofing company can help keep your home, family, and business safe for many years as our Master Elite contractors are adept at spotting hidden signs of weakness that many owners are unaware of.

When to get a roof inspection

Our inspectors can look over your roof to identify the life remaining on the roof, look for weaknesses, locate sources of leaks or damage, and more. We perform roof inspections for those looking to buy a new home, sell a home, or those who are interested in replacing their roof, but don’t know if its time yet. Many homeowners choose to have a roof inspection before the rainy seasons or hurricane season so they can have peace of mind knowing they will be protected. Another good time for a roof inspection is after a big storm as fallen debris may have damaged shingles, water may be pooling or there could be cracks or holes.
The structural inspection looks for problems on the exterior of the roof. This includes checking for signs of aging, sagging, and leaks. The planes of the roof may be measured to ensure proper rain runoff and in some cases, ventilation will be checked to ensure proper expulsion of heat.
This part of an inspection is of the material of the roof itself. This often includes cracks or missing shingles, rust, rot, and mold. If certain materials are found defective, they will likely need to be replaced or repaired.
Your roof is actually more than just the exterior, the interior of the roofing structure is equally important. Our inspectors will check the ceilings, attics and interior walls for signs of water damage, mold, or rot. If something is found, we will locate the cause of the damage and offer solutions to repair it.
Not every roofing contractor is a Master Elite like Stay Dry Roofing (in fact, less than 2% of all contractors hold this title). If your roof was put on by someone else, we can inspect the workmanship of the structure to let you know if it is up to code.

A Family of Roofers You Can Trust

Stay Dry Roofing of Tampa Bay has been providing your roofing needs for over thirty years in the Tampa, FL and surrounding areas. We have built so many long-term connections with people because we don’t just treat you as a customer, but as a part of our family. Our teams pride themselves on offering honest and transparent feedback during roof inspections, so you know what really needs to be done. We never come up with excuses to make you get a new roof and only provide you with the facts you need to make an educated decision for yourself. Whats more, our roof inspections are made to be easy to understand and you will get your results quickly!

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