Protect your roof from heat damage

Summer heat can damage your roof

While its great that we don’t have to worry about pounds of snow piling on our roof in the winter, the biggest concern for us in Florida (any many of the other southern states),  is that our hot summers can do some serious heat damage to our roof without us even knowing about it. Think about it; your roof is the first thing the sun’s rays touch and with such a wide area to absorb the heat, there are concerns you should look into. 

This summer, with how dry and hot it has been, many people are experiencing heat damage in Tampa, FL and all around the state to their roof. While there is not much you can do to directly prevent the sun from hitting your roof, every homeowner should be aware of the potential issues and what solutions there are to help lessen the impact of heat damage

heat damage to roof

How can heat damage affect your roof?

While your roof is designed to take direct sunlight exposure and absorb some of the heat, in truth, it will always become slightly weaker as the years go by. While this doesn’t really change the lifespan of a typical roof, it does help explain why a lifespan is what it is and why hot, dry summers can shorten a roof’s longevity. 

  • Heat breaks down roofing material. Even though the materials are designed to take and sustain heat, prolonged exposure can lead to heat damage that slowly breaks down the material components. This is why proper ventilation on your roof can make a huge difference in its longevity.
  • Heat causes color fading. This isn’t a big surprise, as heat and the sun will cause most things to lose their color. Just like pool umbrellas and flags begin to dull in color, so too will your roof over the years. 
  • Warm and wet summers promote mold growth. Warm and wet, a typical Florida summer, is a perfect catalyst for mold growth. Making sure your roof is properly sealed and pitched will help water run off and prevent stagnant water from developing mold.
  • Cracked tiles or broken shingles. Heat is brutal, and when it affects your roof, most heat damage looks like cracked tiles or broken shingles. This is natural and common, but getting it fixed sooner rather than later is essential.

How to mitigate heat damage to your roof

Aside from living underground, there is nothing you can do to prevent all forms of heat from affecting your roof. However, there are some steps you can take to lessen the impact the sun has on your home.

  1. Take advantage of shade. 

While it is true that we always advocate removal of large overhanging branches that can be a threat during hurricane season, trees do provide a valuable shade that can help protect your roof. It is important to keep them trim, but if the large trees around your home are healthy, keeping them around to block some of the sun’s rays is a great idea. 

  1. Insulate your roof. 

Most people think that insulation is only for keeping the cold out of the house, but it also keeps the heat on the outside too. While most roofs have insulation already installed, if you have an older house, it may be time to refresh the insulation in this area. 

  1. Install a new roof with a higher slope. 

This is a great trick to use in areas like Tampa, FL where our harsh sun heat can really impact the roof. By building a higher slope on the roof, you can essentially block direct sun rays on the opposite side of that slope. The roof itself acts as a natural block, keeping the entire roof from getting too hot. 

  1. Use lighter colored roofing materials.

Just as we tend to avoid wearing dark colors in the summer, having lighter roofing tiles or shingles will make it easier to keep your roof cool. The good news is, these are common colors and blend in with neighbor’s roofs and are often approved by HOA associations. The lighter colors simply don’t absorb as much heat, allowing your roof to last longer.

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