Prepare your roof for hurricane season — NOW

The season of wind and rain is almost here

Hurricane season begins in June, and as Floridians, we know that it brings with it frequent rains and possible heavy winds. But what does this have to do with your roof? Well, everything to be exact. Your roof is one of the most important features that protects your home, belongings, family, and business from these heavy winds and rain. And if you are reading this article now, then you should get started TODAY in preparing your roof for hurricane season in Tampa, FL or anywhere else in the state!

What to do when a hurricane is on the way

We have all felt that sense of dread when the newscaster reports that a named storm is on the way. There is literally nothing you can do to stop the storm from coming, so it is best to get prepared. Ideally, you will have already taken precautionary measures to get your roof prepared for hurricane season, so you don’t need to rush or make compromises. Some of the best steps you can take prior to hurricane season—like, right now—include:

  • Have a roof inspection performed
  • Repair any roof damage, no matter how minor
  • Clear gutters of debris, or have gutters installed
  • Trim trees of large or old branches
hurricane season

What to do when a hurricane is here

So you’ve done everything you can to prepare your roof, and the hurricane is here. In all honesty, this is the simplest stage, because you just have to sit and wait for it to pass. Make sure you do not neglect orders to evacuate, especially if you live in the direct path of the hurricane or in a flood zone. Keeping yourself and your family safe is always the number one priority. If you can stay home during the hurricane, avoid windows, but keep a few heavy duty tarps handy, just in case a branch damages a window…or the roof. Be patient and the storm will be over soon. 

Things you should have handy in your home during a hurricane:

  • Bottled water
  • Non-perishable foods
  • Flashlights
  • LOTS of batteries
  • Candles
  • Battery-powered radio
  • A board game or two

What to do after a hurricane

You did it! You got through the hurricane. Now it’s time to assess the damages, if any, and start making repairs. At Stay Dry Roofing, we sincerely wish that you never experience problems during hurricane season, but if you do, please know that we are here to help. The first step you should do when investigating your roof after a hurricane is to go outside, walk as far as you can from your home and take a good look at the roof from a distance. Look for any branches laying on the roof or cracked, broken, or missing shingles and tiles. 

Phone calls you should make after a hurricane include:

  • Call Stay Dry Roofing to have an inspection performed
  • Call your home insurance
  • Call your prior roofer to ask about roof warranties
  • Call Stay Dry Roofing to inquire about a safer, new roof
  • Call family and friends to check up

The Stay Dry Roofing difference

At Stay Dry Roofing, we want to help all families and businesses prepare for hurricane season in Tampa FL or the surrounding areas. And we are here to help after a hurricane comes through too with timely, honest repairs and roofing services. We have been helping Floridians for over 30 years and are a family owned and operated business, meaning we give you the respect you deserve with quality you can count on. 

And if you are looking for a new roof before or after hurricane season, our team are certified GAF Master Elite Contractors, which means we can provide you with one of the highest quality roofs available that protects you for up to 50 years with a roofing warranty! So if you want to get your roof hurricane-ready, call Stay Dry Roofing today! Don’t delay, because as we get closer and closer to hurricane season, our availability, and the availability of all roofers, books up FAST!

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