How to Choose Your Roof Color

Putting the finishing touch on your new roof

Getting a new roof is a big decision. First you have to decide on style and material, but some homeowners and business owners find choosing the right color for their roof to be a challenge too!  In fact, many people don’t even know that they actually have options for their roof color! While roof color may seem like a small detail, it can actually play a big role in the overall look and feel of your home or building. That’s why it’s important to take some time to choose the right color for your roof.

Roof materials and color

  • Shingles – Shingles are actually flexible enough that they can offer a wide range of color options. When new, these colors pop and look very vibrant.
  • Metal – A surprise to many, metal roofs can also be a wide range of colors! You don’t have to settle with just steel or silver. 
  • Tile – Tile roofs often have the least flexibility when it comes to color. Often, these are reddish or brown in color. 

Tips to help choose roof color

1. Consider your surroundings

When choosing a roof color, it’s important to consider your surroundings. If you live in a neighborhood with lots of brick homes, for example, you may want to choose a roof color that blends in with the bricks. If you live in a more rural area, however, you may want to choose a brighter color that will stand out against the green background.

2. Think about your climate

Different roof colors reflect and absorb heat differently. If you live in an area with hot summers, like us here in Florida, it may be a good idea to choose lighter roof colors as they reflect more sunlight away from your roof and into the sky. Dark roof colors tend to absorb more of that sun’s rays and can cause your roof to become very hot during those summer months.

3. Look at examples online and in magazines

If you’re not sure which roof color may look best with your home or business, spend some time looking at pictures of roofs online or flipping through design magazines for inspiration. At Stay Dry Roofing, our website has images online where you can find pictures of our previous projects. If you’d like to see samples in person, setting up a meeting with our team is also a great way to get ideas.

4. Look at roof colors your neighbors have used

If you’re not sure which roof color may look the best, consider looking at those who live nearby and evaluating what roof color they’ve chosen for their home or business. If you’re trying to sell a property it’s a good idea to check out the roof colors of nearby homes and businesses as well as your competition to make sure yours stands out from the crowd! Many times, having the same color as a neighbor makes your home or business blend in too much. Some HOAs even won’t allow roofs of the same color to be adjacent to each other!

5. Get professional help.

If all else fails, call your roofing expert, Stay Dry Roofing of Tampa, FL! We’ll be able to help you choose a roof color that will suit your needs and give you an estimate on roof installation as well!

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When it comes to installing the roof of your dreams, choosing the best contractor for the job is important. At Stay Dry Roofing, we have been serving the Tampa, FL area for over 30 years and provide a wide range of roof colors to make your dream home a reality. We recommend you call our professional contractors to schedule an appointment and stop by our office to review color options. We’re sure to have something you’ll love! 

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