How long should your shingle roof last?

What to know about your roof lifespan

So know how long your shingle roof should last? Whether you are buying a new home or just installing a new roof on your current home (or business), understanding the age of the roof and its overall lifespan is important. Since a roof is a big investment, all owners should know what factors influence their roof lifespan in Tampa, FL or surrounding areas. It is important to note that the materials your roof is constructed from, be it metal, tile, shingle, or other, all have different lifespans. We will be specifically covering shingle roof lifespan since that is one of the most common roofing materials for homes and businesses.

Lifespan of a shingle roof

Typically, a shingle roof lifespan should be around 20-30 years if properly maintained and constructed. However, the sad reality here in Florida is that these roofs often have much shorter lifespans. In Florida, many homeowners find their shingle roof lasting around 15-20 years due to the hot sun, heavy rains, and hurricane storms. 

How long should your shingle roof last?\

Is there a better option?

Not all roofing shingles are created equal, so if you are considering shingles for your next roof, you can choose a higher quality brand and get superior results, as well as warranties! At Stay Dry Roofing, we are GAF Master Elite Contractors, which allows us to offer the highest level of warranties when choosing a GAF shingle roofing system for your home. With GAF shingles, you can get an up to 50 year warranty on your shingle roof that covers 100 percent of material defects! 

GAF roofing shingles are high quality and can withstand the sunlight, rain, and winds of Tampa and all 

of Florida. In addition, we don’t just install shingles, but offer a complete GAF roofing system! This means that all aspects of your roof are covered from shingles to waterproofing to flashing. This complete package ensures a much longer lifespan on your shingle roof!

7 Factors that influence the longevity of your roof

  1. The overall age of the roof

Like most things (and people), as age progresses, roofs tend to get weaker. In Florida, this is often due to long exposure to direct sunlight, heavy rains, or even hurricane damage. The best way to protect your roof over the years is to have routine inspections and maintenance performed. 

  1. Maintenance performed

As mentioned above, regular roof maintenance is essential for keeping your roof lifespan at its longest. It is recommended you get your roof inspected at least every year, and it is encouraged to be checked after major storms like hurricanes. By catching problems early with an inspection, you can have maintenance performed to repair damage and keep your roof lasting for many more years.

  1. Sunlight

This is unavoidable for everyone, but especially for us in the Sunshine State! As your shingles absorb more sunlight, it can speed up the degradation of the material. By choosing better quality shingles, like GAF, you can minimize the damage this deals. 

  1. Style and slope of the roof

While it can seem trendy, and useful for businesses, to have a flat roof, they generally do not last as long. Having a roof with a slope allows for proper water run off. When water pools on a flat roof, it causes damage that drastically lowers the overall lifespan.

  1. Roofing installer

Choosing a quality roofing contractor can make a huge difference. When it comes to something as big as your roof, cheaper does not always mean better. Do your homework and research, interview, and read reviews on your contractor. A well built roof will last you many more years than a poorly constructed one.

Choose Stay Dry Roofing for your next shingle roofing project

Putting on a new roof can be a challenge and headache for any homeowner, and that’s why at Stay Dry Roofing, we try to do things differently. As Florida residents ourselves and having worked in the area for over 30 years, we know how to give you nothing but the best results. Allow us to treat you like family and your home like it was our own, while installing a new roof that can last you for years to come. Find out how you can get the best roof lifespan in Tampa, FL with GAF shingles and Stay Dry Roofing. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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