Can lightning cause roof damage?

Tampa is the “lightning capital of the USA”

While living in Florida can be paradise, it also comes with its fair share of potential problems. If it’s not the heat, humidity, or mosquitoes, we also have to worry about hurricanes, heavy rains, and even lightning strikes. Yes, Florida has recently received the title “Lightning Capital of the USA,” and for those of us who live here, we know it to be true.

But what few people tend to consider about lightning, is that if it hits your home, it can cause some pretty serious roof damage. In Tampa, FL, we see our fair share of thunder and lightning storms, so if your house has recently been affected by lightning, read on to find out what your next steps should be!

Lightning facts you should know

  • Florida averages 70-100 days of lightning storms a year
  • Most lightning strikes happen before or after a rain
  • Lightning bolts can be as hot as 54,000 degrees fahrenheit

How to know if lightning has hit your house

During a thunder or lightning storm, most people don’t pay too much attention to what happens outside, but it is important to know what you should look for if you think your house may have been hit by lightning. The most obvious sign is a power surge, where all your electronics and lights go out or flicker, then come back on.

If electronics get damaged during this surge, then you can expect the lightning was very close. Another sign to look for is shockwave damage. Yes, lightning bolts are powerful, so if you notice cracks in the house stucco or broken cement or cinder blocks, you may have been hit. 

Finally, when it comes to your roof, if you see broken shingles, missing shingles or tiles, or even scorch marks on your roof, then it is time to get a professional out! Since your roof is the main target of a lightning bolt, roof damage will show up there. And once your roof suffers damage, it becomes compromised and will need to get repaired as soon as possible. 

What’s the next step?

If you know that your roof has been affected by a lightning strike and fear there may be roof damage, it is recommended that you get a professional inspection right away. A roof inspection from a licensed and professional company will cover all areas of your roof and identify if damage has occurred, how severe it is, and provide written estimates on what repairs would look like. This inspection won’t just be exterior only either. Roofing contractors will go into your attic space and look at how lightning may have impacted areas you can’t see easily.

Avoid the storm chasers!

Storm chasers are a group of people we have discussed several times before. Essentially, these are people who are not associated with a legitimate roofing company and seek to defraud insurance companies while at the same time providing shoddy roofing work. If you ever have someone come to your door after a big storm and claim that you or your neighbors have damage, beware! Trustworthy and licensed roofing contractors don’t need to chase you down for business. So if you have roof damage, or you just think you do, don’t choose the first person to contact you. Make some calls, get some estimates, and pick the right company for you!

Why Stay Dry Roofing?

Stay Dry Roofing has been helping home and business owners throughout Tampa, FL with roof damage, repairs, or new roofs for over 30 years. We are trusted by our community and always strive to do the right thing. Our roofing contractors provide detailed and trustworthy estimates, and are licensed and insured. If you think your home or roof may have suffered damage from a lightning strike, do yourself a favor and call Stay Dry Roofing for an inspection today!

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