ATTENTION: Scammers are posing as Stay Dry Roofing

Don’t fall for this roofing scam going on NOW

It has recently been brought to the attention of us here at Stay Dry Roofing that a roofing scam in Tampa, FL and surrounding areas is currently occurring. Scammers are using the name of our company and providing fake “proof” to convince homeowners to sign up for roofing work. These fake roofing contractors can seriously damage your roof, cheat your insurance, and cost you thousands in damages and repairs. 

If someone claiming to be Stay Dry Roofing has contacted you in the past few weeks and solicited for roofing work, please call us at 813-232-9430.

How to identify the REAL Stay Dry Roofing company

Stay Dry Roofing NEVER solicits for work without being contacted by a home or business owner first.

Here at Stay Dry Roofing, we never solicit homeowners or business owners for roofing work. Our reputation and name precedes itself, so we always allow those in need of roofing work to contact us first! 

A roofing scammer will go door to door and claim that they have been doing work on neighboring houses and want to inspect your roof or they may approach you after a big storm and claim that you have suffered roof damage. In the roofing industry, these are called Storm Chasers, and you can read more about them here. A reputable roofing company, like us at Stay Dry Roofing, will never knock on your door or call you out of the blue asking for work.

Roof Scammers Scam

Stay Dry Roofing contractors can provide official documents and have visible identification on their clothes and vehicles.

When our company performs work on a home or business, we drive official Stay Dry Roofing vehicles, have documentation that prove our team is from Stay Dry Roofing, and wear clothing with our name and logo. We are always more than happy to answer questions and even allow you to call our office to verify the team at your home is legitimate.

A roofing scammer often does not have these things. Their vehicle will be unmarked, and their clothing will just look like standard contractor clothing. Always ask for official business cards and look at the headers of any paperwork for Stay Dry Roofing logos and information. A scammer will not likely be able to provide this. 

Stay Dry Roofing provides legitimate estimation certifications along with insurance numbers and license numbers.

At Stay Dry Roofing, we provide everyone who is interested in getting work done through us with legitimate documentation. When it comes to doing work on your roof, never feel bad about asking for proof. Our written estimates are always on official paperwork with Stay Dry Roofing letterhead. You’ll be able to identify our insurance numbers and our roofing license number. 

A roofing scammer can not easily replicate this information. While some of these numbers are available to the public, most scammers do not have the actual documents they can provide as proof. Feel free to ask any roofing contractor to send you copies of proof of insurance and licensing. A legitimate contractor will email you this information without a problem.

What to do if you think you may have been contacted by a scammer

If you even have a slight suspicion that you may have been contacted by a scammer impersonating a Stay Dry Roofing contractor, call our office to ask. We have electronic records of every estimate and can let you know immediately if you are in our system. If you aren’t in our system or logs, then you have likely spoken to someone impersonating our company. 

If you have any questions or concerns, we welcome you to call our office at 813-232-9430 and we will be happy to do what we can to help.

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