8 signs warning your roof needs to be replaced

Your roof has a lifespan

For many people, homeowners and business owners alike, their roof is something that is taken for granted. In good situations, a roof that does not take damage from weather or accidents can provide protection for upwards of 20 to 50 years! In these cases, its easy to forget that you will ever need to think about a replacement. But that still does mean your roof has a limited lifespan, and this is often dependent upon the materials your roof is constructed out of, the environment, and how much damage or problems you’ve experienced over the years.

When you near your roofs lifespan, or you’ve had significant damage to your roof, roof replacement is the best solution for your peace of mind and safety. A full roof replacement involves removing the existing roof and putting down a healthy new one. When you are considering roof replacement in Tampa, FL or surrounding areas, choosing an experienced team like Stay Dry Roofing will help ensure your big project is completed in a timely manner with results that will last you years!

Lifespan of a typical roof

The overall lifespan of your roof depends on a lot of conditions, like age, environment, who the builder was, the amount of maintenance performed, recent weather, and more. But considering ideal conditions, you can expect to need a roof replacement in the following number of years:

  • Slate, copper, or tile roof – 50 years
  • Wood shake roof – 30 years
  • Fiber cement shingles roof – 25 years
  • Asphalt shingles or composition roofs – 20 years
8 signs warning your roof needs to be replaced

8 signs to look out for that may signal you need a roof replacement

1. Look at the paperwork from your last roof installation Whether you’ve purchased the existing roof or not, you should always check your paperwork for the year your original roof was installed. In some cases you may not have this paperwork if you purchased a home and the previous owner did not keep good records, but you should be able to find the year online or from the city. For businesses, the paper trail is dependent upon if you have a freestanding business, you rent, or if you have a management company. Do your research and you’ll have the best idea on how old your roof is.

2. Look for damaged roofing materials Another easy way to find out if you need a new roof is to just get on top of your roof and look for missing or damaged shingles or tiles. You’ll have to be extra careful if you do this yourself, but if the materials your roof is made of appear excessively damaged, or you see spots where they are missing, it can be a sure sign you will need a roof replacement

3. Look inside the attic If you have access to an attic, check for light coming in from the outside. This is a sign that there are gaps in the roofing material, as a properly constructed roof should not have any light streaming through. If you notice mold or wet areas in the attic, that can also mean that water is leaking in through the roof. Getting a roof replacement will help solve these concerns right away before you experience rot or further damage. 

4. Inspect the flashing around the roof This can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for, but the flashing is the area around protrusions in your roof. Check for areas around the chimney or vents to ensure a solid seal. If there is damage to the flashing, water can easily seep inside and start to cause problems. Flashing damage is a sign that your roof has aged could be due for an inspection to find out if you need a roof replacement or not.

5. Check for unwanted plant growth Your roof should never be its own garden! You don’t want to see plants growing on any part of your roof, even if they look “pretty.” This is a sign that mold is building up and the water is seeping into the roofing materials. The roots of these plants and the excessive water will destroy your roof and the supporting structures. So if you notice any growth, seeking professional help right away is crucial. Simply removing the plants alone is not enough, as they will grow back if the underlying cause is not corrected. 

6. Look for sagging Sagging is one of the most obvious signs you need to replace your roof. By standing back from your home and business, if you can see deep dips or sagging areas of the roof, that means it is compromised and will need significant repair or roof replacement. Sagging means that there may be rot and wood damage and your roof is no longer being properly supported. 

7. No roof maintenance If you, or a previous owner have never performed roof inspections or maintenance, then the lifespan of your roof will be significantly lower. Maintenance will find and repair little problems before they can develop into bigger ones. Routine inspections can help keep you appraised of how your roof is doing and if there is any areas for concern. 

8. Hire an inspector Not sure if your roof is damaged or you can’t perform the inspections yourself? Hiring a roof inspector can be a great way to be sure on the health of your roof. An inspector will look for signs of roof damage both inside and out, as well as be able to give you honest and good advice as to what you should do. It can often be a good idea to have your roof inspected or maintained after a big storm.

Choose stay dry roofing for your roof replacement needs

When it comes time to have your roof replaced, you never want to trust just anyone. Your roof is a big investment for your home or business and should be treated with care and professionalism. Stay Dry Roofing has been providing roof replacement in Tampa, FL and surrounding areas for over 30 years! We have the experience, licensing, and certifications to make your next project a simple success! And as a GAF Master Elite contractor, you can rest assured that your new roof will be constructed with the finest materials and have the best warranties in the industry!

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