4 important things to consider when choosing the roof color of shingle roof

You have options when it comes to your roof color

For many people, getting a new roof can feel like a lot of work with no upside. And while there are many upsides to a new roof (years of protection, peace of mind, safety, etc.), you can have some fun with the process when it comes to deciding on the colors for your shingle roof. Yes, you do have options and don’t need to go with just black or brown shingles! At Stay Dry Roofing, we provide options for our clients when it comes to their roof color in Tampa, FL or surrounding areas. 

No, you can’t get a hot pink roof, but we do have more colors than you think!

5 most common roof colors for shingle roofs

  • Dark brown – including autumn, tree bark, and wood hues
  • Light brown – including taupe, desert, and sand hues
  • Blue – including navy, sky, and blue-green hues
  • Green – including mossy, forest green, and hunter green hues
  • Off-white – including stone, beige, and khaki hues

What to consider when choosing your roof color

1.What does your HOA or community allow?

Some HOAs have strict rules regarding the color of the roofs allowed in the neighborhood. We always recommend reviewing your HOA guidelines first before looking at colors, because you don’t want to get your heart set on one color only to find out your HOA won’t let you have it. Additionally, some HOAs even set regulations on how many homes can have the same roof color. So looking at your neighbor’s roof color can also be really helpful. 

2. Consider the Florida climate

While color has no impact on the strength or durability of your roof, it can be affected by our hot summers and the overall heat levels. This means it may actually be a better idea to choose a lighter roof color. This is because the lighter colors reflect the sunlight more than darker colors. For the most part, the heat absorption won’t impact your electricity bill much, but for those who frequently need to get on their roof to blow off leaves or even have a flat roof, may find it too hot to handle. 

3. Get help from the professionals

It’s okay if you aren’t an expert. That’s what we are here for! We help many of our clients choose their next roof color by providing expert advice and guidance. Our team considers everything from your HOA guidelines, to the color of your home, the area around it, and even your neighbor’s homes when giving advice. We also find it to be a good idea to look at magazines or watch home improvement shows! This can also make the whole roofing process a little more fun as well!

4. Consider your architecture and curb appeal

The last thing you want to do is put on a new roof and find that the color distracts from your curb appeal. Consider the style of your house and any architectural features when choosing color. Is your house modern or does it have Spanish style influences? All of this comes into play when looking into color. 

Believe in Stay Dry Roofing when choosing your new roof

When it comes to planning your new roof, including the roof color, choosing the best contractor for the job is important. At Stay Dry Roofing, we have been working in the Tampa, FL area for over 30 years and provide a varied selection of roof colors to make your dream home a reality. Our family owned and operated business treats every customer like a part of our own family, so we will be honest with you when considering your roof color and help you navigate the whole process. Give our professional contractors a call to schedule an appointment or stop by our office to review color options. 

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