4 Steps to take when hurricane season ends

Congratulations on making it through another hurricane season!

Now that we are well into December we can all breathe easier knowing that hurricane season is behind us. No more surprise storms and we’ll have many more months of peace. However, this doesn’t mean you should just completely relax and let stress build for next season. Getting prepared for the next hurricane season is incredibly important, and there is no better time than now!

At Stay Dry Roofing, we encourage homeowners to get started early, as soon as hurricane season in Tampa, FL ends, when it comes to preparing for roof repairs, replacement, or even just routine maintenance. Why? Now is the slowest time for roofing contractors and tree maintenance professionals. Most other homeowners are focused on the holiday or preparing for the new year, so availability for these contractors is often wide open!

hurricane season ends

Our easy checklist to follow after hurricane season

While we are sure you have your hands full during this time period also, we’ve made a handy and simple checklist for you to follow to get your home and roof prepared for the new year. Get ready now, and then coast during the hectic hurricane season.

1.Schedule a roof inspection

Even if you know you didn’t have any branches or trees fall on your roof during the hurricane season, it is still encouraged that you schedule a roof inspection. High winds during even a tropical storm can blow off or dislodge shingles and tiles. Additionally, any standing water that is found pooling can eventually seep into the rafters and your home. 

A roof inspection will allow a roofing contractor to evaluate the health of your roof. Think of it like a dental exam or a doctor checkup. If everything is fine, you’ll be good to go and worry-free! If something is found, it can be repaired in a timely manner well before the next storm!

2.Schedule a tree trimming

To keep your home extra safe, it is encouraged to have your trees and palm trees trimmed yearly or every other year. While they won’t get overgrown in just a year’s time, some branches die and new offshoots begin to grow in areas you might not want…like directly over your roof! 

By scheduling a yearly tree trimming, you can ensure that when a big storm comes, you won’t have loose or dead branches falling off and hitting your roof. These branches are one of the leading causes of roof damage, whether you have shingles, tile, or even metal! Take care of this early, and you also won’t have to pay extra during their busy season!

3.Repair the little things

Sure, it might sound small, just a cracked tile, but that one little problem can eventually lead to much bigger problems if left unattended. Even just one cracked tile can eventually lead to a roof leak. Stay up-to-date on your roof maintenance and your roof will be able to take care of you for years to come. 

Usually these little things can be caught during step 1, the roof inspection. Ideally, your roofing contractor doing the inspection will even be able to make the fixes then and there too. When your roof stays in ideal condition, you’ll not only save tons of money in the long run, but have less to worry about during the next storm season.

4.Get started on that new roof!

While this might not be an option for everyone, starting a new roof construction just after hurricane season is the most ideal time. This is the time period where roofing contractors like us at Stay Dry Roofing have more openings and time for new roof projects. Not only that, but the season is much cooler, meaning our team can work longer and harder without suffering from heat exhaustion. 

And with a new roof, you’re looking at around 25 years of safety and protection! And when you choose Stay Dry Roofing for your new roof, you can take advantage of some of our guarantees and warranties, like our GAF Master Elite contractor status, which can give you up to a 50 year warranty on material defects! That is safety you can count on!

Have you checked your boxes?

While hurricane season in Tampa, FL may be over now, there will always be another one. And at the rate things are going, these seasons are getting crazier and crazier! So do yourself a favor and make Stay Dry Roofing your next call. With over 30 years of experience serving the Tampa area, we’ll give you honest, reliable results. 

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