4 steps to take to prepare your roof for hurricane season

Hurricane season begins in June

Every Floridian comes to have some apprehension when it comes to hurricane season as they know any time within the upcoming months a huge storm could roll in and cause some serious damage. Hurricane season starts in June and ends on November 30th, which is a long time to always have a big concern looming over you. While this time of year can be stressful, there are several steps you can take to protect your roof, one of the most commonly damaged structures during a hurricane. 

Common ways a hurricane can damage your roof

  • Wind speed can blow off shingles
  • Debris can fall on and damage the roof
  • Rain buildup can cause leaks and water damage
  • Clogged gutters can lead to overflow of water 
  • Fallen trees can crush and destroy portions of a roof

4 steps to prepare your roof for hurricane season

  1. Get a roof inspection

Roof inspections are crucial even during normal conditions, but when the threat of a hurricane is around the corner, they are even more important. During a roof inspection our team of contractors will evaluate every aspect of your roof to ensure there are no hidden defects or areas of concern. If we find anything, we will let you know and offer solutions to repair the damage. 

One of the key things to remember for this is to get your roof inspected BEFORE hurricane season starts. Once hurricane season begins, everyone wants to get a roof inspection and the wait times are much longer for service. Begin a few months ahead of time and as long as there are no other big storms between the inspection and hurricane season, you should be covered!

2. Repair any roof damage early

Don’t leave roof damage without repairs! This may sound silly, but many home or business owners put off taking care of their roof until it’s too late. Even minor problems can quickly develop into much larger ones if not addressed. Schedule a free roofing consultation with Stay Dry Roofing today and we can let you know what needs to be repaired right away!

And as with the first step, don’t wait! Schedule a consultation or an inspection today, because the longer you wait, the more people that will prepare ahead of you, leading to inspections and repairs possibly occurring further into hurricane season than you anticipated. Nobody wants to have a leaky roof in the middle of a hurricane! 

prepare your roof for hurricane season

3. Invest in a metal roof

One of the strongest roofing options is a metal roof. While not always the first thing that homeowners think about when considering a new roof, a metal roof offers many advantages, including lifespan and durability. With a metal roof professionally constructed and installed by our experts at Stay Dry Roofing, you can have peace of mind during hurricane season for years to come!

A metal roof is constructed of strong metal sheets that not only prevent rain from seeping into the roof, but also provide superior protection from debris. While large trees can still crush the supporting structure of a metal roof, the roof itself should be able to stay intact.

4. Choose a GAF certified roofing contractor

At Stay Dry Roofing, we are GAF Master Elite Contractors. This is a title that is held by less than 2% of all roofing contractors because of how challenging it is to obtain. As a GAF Master Elite Contractor, we have access to GAF materials and warranties that other roofing contractors cannot offer. This protects your home or business with additional warranties, so that even if hurricane damage does occur, you can feel confident that you will be covered.

GAF roofs are installed with a specific system that makes them unique over other shingle or roofing options. This comprehensive system adds increased protection from leaks, wind damage, or debris. When you choose our GAF shingle roofs, you can expect protection for over 50 years with a Golden Pledge that covers 100% of material defects for that timeframe. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

The best way to prepare for hurricane season is to start NOW! Give us a call for a roof inspection and we can provide you with an honest assessment and give you suggestions on how to fix the damage. If your roof is over 20 years old, it might also be time to consider a re-roofing project. With a new roof installed by Stay Dry Roofing, you can choose to benefit from durable metal roofs or our GAF warranties on shingle roofs.

Stay Dry Roofing has been keeping residents in Tampa, FL and surrounding areas dry and safe for over 30 years! We are a family-owned and operated roofing contractor that has kept the business within our family for generations. Because of this, we treat our customers and clients like our own family, and make sure your home and business is treated respectfully, not like a work site. If you act now, we can send a team to inspect your roof before hurricane season and before our books fill up. We look forward to helping you stay dry in the upcoming stormy months! 

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