4 roofing problems that require immediate attention

Your roof is a critical part of your home and business

It’s easy to forget about the roof of your home or business because for the majority of the time, you’re always safe and sound. But when a problem occurs, you become all too aware about how important this structure is. While there are some small problems that you can take your time to repair, our team at Stay Dry Roofing wants you to be aware of the top four roofing problems that you can’t wait on! If you delay care for these four problems, you’ll find yourself no longer protected from the elements and requiring an entire roof replacement. If you notice any of these roofing problems in Tampa, FL or the surrounding areas, contact Stay Dry Roofing right away to help you take care of the problem and get you back to safety and security.

4 areas you need to address right away

  1. Mold or fungi growth and spread

Because your roof is always exposed to the elements, it provides an easy breeding ground for mold and fungus if there are compromised areas where water can sit and fester. Sometimes this might be under raised shingles, other times it could be under a structure on a flat roof, and mold or fungus could develop even under the roof if there is a leak and affect the internal structure. This growth not only can damage your roof, but can also provide a huge health hazard. This roofing problem should be addressed before it spreads more.

Our team at Stay Dry Roofing can identify mold and fungi in all areas of your roof and attic. While the dark spots that develop on the surface of a roof are easy to spot, they are not the only signs. Our team can locate areas where problems are and access hard to reach areas of your roof and attic to ensure we identify and address all parts of this roofing concern. 

2. Water leaks

Probably the most common sign that you have a roofing problem that needs to be fixed, a water leak can not only impact your roof, but also your belongings and home frame too. When a roof is compromised due to age, damage, or poor craftsmanship, it can put everything it protects at risk. Water leaks can come in obvious signs, like dripping from your roof or down walls, but they can also be hidden through to structures that support your roof or inside walls that you don’t see. 

Stay Dry Roofing is able to help you identify leaks that you can’t see and address all kinds of water leakage problems. Our expert roofing contractors can locate the source of a leak on any style of roof and either repair or replace the damage. This roofing problem can become severe if left without repairs and put your family, business, and belongings at risk. Get in touch with Stay Dry Roofing today to find out how we can help you fix a water leak!

3. A drooping roof

A drooping roof is something that you will notice right away and means bad news for any home or business owner. A drooping roof looks like the structure has fallen inwards and does not appear to be steeped or flat. Often, you may see these structural damages in old, abandoned houses, but if you do not take care of your own roof, it can affect any home or business. Two things cause this drooping; a poor foundation or a damage to the roof deck.

If you notice your roof beginning to droop, call Stay Dry Roofing right away! This is not a roofing problem that you can or should wait on! Not addressing this issue immediately can present a hazard to you, your family, or business. In most cases, having the roof completely replaced will result in a structure you can rely on again.

4. Granules in the gutter or ground

These granules come from asphalt shingles that are used to protect the shingle and roof itself. New roofs will shed their excessive shingles naturally, but if your roof is older and you notice these asphalt granules falling off, this is a sign that your shingles are at the end of their lifespan. Shingles will shed their granules due to age and exposure to the elements. In Florida, we have to worry about harsh hurricanes and extreme heat that can damage shingles.

If you do not address this issue, your roof will be compromised and prone to leaks or other damage. Our professional roofing contractors can address this roofing problem in Tampa, FL or surrounding areas and give you new replacement shingles. If all the shingles are of the same age, it may benefit you to simply replace the entirety of the roof at once to ensure you are protected again for years to come.

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