4 important reasons not ignoring roof maintenance

What is roof maintenance and why is it important?

You should think of your roof as you do your car, which needs routine maintenance to ensure problems are caught and fixed early and everything is working as it should. While most homeowners and business owners don’t think of their roof this way, and your roof is more durable than a car engine, you should still not neglect the maintenance part of your home or building. With regular roof maintenance, you can be aware of problem areas early and correct damage before it gets too bad. 

Our team at Stay Dry Roofing can perform routine roof maintenance checks in Tampa, FL and surrounding areas to help maintain the integrity of your home and business. The last thing you need is a small problem that develops into a bigger one because it was neglected. These kind of situations can lead to expensive repairs or even full roof replacements. 

What is inspected during roof maintenance

  • Inspection for signs that animals have gained access to the inside of the roof
  • Inspection of ridge ventilation and other fans
  • Removal of debris and clutter from hard to reach places, gutters, and valleys
  • Inspection of pipe boots for damage
  • Look for damage or missing flashing around the roof
  • Identify missing tiles, shingles, or any other key component
  • Check for sagging, pooling water, or signs of leakage

Why you shouldn’t ignore roof maintenance

1.Preventative solution

As discussed above, just like maintenance for your car or health is important to prevent future problems, maintenance for your roof does the same. When we can catch and identify problem areas early, it makes it much easier to repair the damage at that time. When these small problems grow into bigger ones, then homeowners have a lot more trouble fixing the problems. 

For example, a few missing shingles can easily, quickly, and cheaply be replaced. But when these missing shingles don’t do their job, roof leaks happen and the surrounding shingles become compromised too. This can lead to more shingles failing and a greater chance of leakage. 

2.Save on energy costs

When roof debris gathers on your roof, it can not only damage the roof but can also attract excessive heat. This is especially relevant to the Florida area, as we have both extreme heat and heavy rains. So when damage occurs due to accumulation of debris, there is a higher chance of the overall roofing structure being damaged or attracting too much heat. When the roof is not clean, home and business owners often see soaring energy bills. 

If you have noticed that your home or business does not seem to stay cool as well as it used to, the problem might not be your AC unit. A roof inspection and maintenance can help identify if the cause may be excessive debris gathering on your roof. A professional team like ours at Stay Dry Roofing can remove the debris, repair the compromised area, and help identify why and where the debris is coming from.

3. Improved property value

When it comes to impressing prospective home buyers or real estate agents, having a new or well maintained roof can make a huge difference. These are peace of mind boosts to home and business owners alike, and when they know that the roof has been maintained regularly, they won’t have to worry about making that big investment themselves. This cost though, isn’t put on your shoulders, as a home or business with a new or maintained roof fetches a much higher value than one with an old or damaged roof. 

If you’re thinking of selling, or want to get a new appraisal of your home or business, one of the first things you should do beforehand is get roof maintenance performed. This alone can significantly boost the valuation of your home or business. Choosing a reliable contractor that real estate agents and locals have heard of, like Stay Dry Roofing, also adds credibility to your claim!

4. Improve the longevity of your roof lifespan

Taking care of your roof can benefit your business and home in all these ways, as well as lengthen the lifespan it offers protection for. Ensuring your roof lasts for many more years means less of an overall cost when it comes to lifetime replacements. With a quality roofing contractor, you can expect a new roof to last for upwards of 50 years, but that lifespan is dependent on regular roof maintenance and inspections.

If you are seeking peace of mind, especially during the stormy seasons here in Florida, protecting and maintaining your roof is the way to go. At Stay Dry Roofing, regular roof maintenance is easy. We can have a team out to your home or business soon after your call to give you the peace of mind that you deserve. 

Choose a roofing contractor you can trust

Stay Dry Roofing has been offering Tampa, FL residents quality roof maintenance, repair, inspection and replacement for over 30 years. We are a family owned and operated business, and love helping out our community. Our team provides honest, transparent solutions on all inspections and maintenance requests and will get your roof back to an ideal condition as soon as possible. We care about you, your investments, and keeping you dry and safe at all times. Schedule an inspection for your roof today and get a free estimate on the costs for repairs or replacement! We’ll see you soon!

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