4 frequently asked questions about solar panels and your roof

Why place solar panels on your roof?

If you are looking to get into solar energy, placing panels on your roof is one of the best ways to capture the sun’s radiation and turn it into usable energy. The roof of your home or business often is uncovered by trees, shrubbery, and other obstacles that may block the sun’s light from hitting it. This makes it ideal for capturing light. Your roof is also sturdy enough to support the weight of multiple solar panels and still stay undamaged. Solar energy is a great option, but many home and business owners find themselves with many questions about solar panel preparation in Tampa, FL.

Common solar panel questions and answers

Will solar panels damage my roof?

When solar panels are installed properly and by a trusted and respectable service provider, they shouldn’t damage your roof at all! While it all depends on the method of installation, most solar panels use a racking system that minimizes any damage. In fact, with solar panels, you can expect them to actually protect your roof from mother nature and debris! 

A big determining factor on the safety of your roof is if the roof is in proper condition prior to installation. Having a roof that is free of damage and properly maintained, means there is a much less chance of roof damage during solar panel installation. Routine roof inspections every year or after big storms can be great solar panel preparation for your home or business!

4 frequently asked questions about solar panels and your roof

How are solar panels installed?

Depending on the type of roof you have, solar panels can be installed in a variety of ways. Most are held in place through a form of bracket. Depending on your service provider, the style may change, but typically, shingle roofs use a bolt and flashing method that covers and protects the hole from any rain or water damage. Metal roofs are excellent for solar panels and can often have the panels bolted right into the roof without worry of damage. Flat roofs are also excellent options for solar panels because virtually no damage will occur at all! They are freestanding and held in place with weights. 

Figuring out if your roof qualifies for solar panel installation can be a tricky thing. Its best to have a roofing contractor inspect your roof and give you an estimated lifespan of your current roof and inform you of any weak spots. In some cases, it may be best to wait for solar panels until you’ve gotten a brand new roof.

Will solar panels void my roof warranty?

Solar panel installation and roof warranties can be a tricky area. Your roof warranty is often covered in two parts; the manufacturer warranty and the roofing contractor warranty. The manufacturer warranty covers the parts used to make your roof and the contractor warranty covers labor and installation. The best way to find out if solar panels will void your roof warranty is to call your roofing contractor and ask them directly. 

Also, many solar panel installers and companies may offer their own warranty. This can sometimes provide the protection you need should the original roof warranty be voided. Stay Dry Roofing in Tampa, FL has worked with many solar panel contractors and can help you determine if you are ready for solar panels. 

Will solar panels increase my home or business valuation?

Good news! Yes! In most cases, installing solar panels on your home can increase the value significantly. According to Zillow, some homes have seen an over 4% increase to their property valuation after installing solar panels as compared to similar homes. Potential home buyers find a huge value in homes that have properly installed solar panels and are willing to pay more for them. So in the end, with an increase in home value and a savings on energy, many times solar panels can pay for themselves over the years. 

Are you ready for solar panels?

If you are starting solar panel preparation in Tampa, FL, or the surrounding areas, then having a quality roofing contractor in your corner can make everything so much easier. Stay Dry Roofing has been serving the Tampa Bay area for over 30 years and has worked with many homeowners as they prepare to install solar panels on their roof. We offer roof inspections, maintenance, and full roof replacement to help get you ready for this new investment. At Stay Dry Roofing, we believe in honesty, transparency, and customer satisfaction above all! The right first step towards solar panels, is contacting Stay Dry Roofing today!

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