4 common roof problems and how to fix them

Keeping your home safe starts with the roof

The best way to keep your home, family, and belongings safe is to address common roof problems as they happen, or even beforehand! As the premier team of roofing contractors able to address and fix roof problems throughout Tampa, FL, Stay Dry Roofing has seen it all and we want to help you avoid the mistakes of others. Read on below to find out about the four most common roofing problems we run into and what our recommendations are to fix them.

Your home is your castle. This is what keeps you and your family safe, protects your belongings, and is a place to create memories. So when it comes to home maintenance, keeping up with your roof is essential as your roof is the backbone of the home structure. However, too often we see homeowners neglect their roof, which then results in a compromised level of protection. And in worse cases, a failure of protection entirely! 

The 4 most common roofing problems

Lack or regular maintenance

This is the leading problem we see from your average homeowner in Tampa, FL. Roof problems often arise when you neglect to take care of your roof. Just like your car, AC units, or pool, a roof needs maintenance regularly to stay effective. When you don’t have an experienced roofing contractor provide maintenance on your home, you’ll start to notice loose or missing shingles, cracked tiles, leaks, water damage, and more!

The easiest fix for this is just to get a yearly inspection performed. Our team at Stay Dry Roofing can provide a thorough evaluation on the health of your roof, and if we notice anything, can fix the problems right away. Oftentimes we will even find potential problem areas that if fixed, can avoid any issues before they happen!

Storm damage

Living in Florida, we all are no strangers to big storms and the damage they can cause. Hurricanes and big rain storms are some of the leading causes of roof damage. From blown off shingles or tiles, to downed trees crashing through roofs, storms can really wreak havoc on your roof.

Being prepared is the best way to prevent storm damage. By having routine maintenance performed, you can ensure you have no weak spots on your roof. And we also recommend trimming your trees yearly or every other year to keep big branches or dead trees away from your home. The best time to do this maintenance is just before or just after hurricane season!

Roof leaks

A roof leak is a worst nightmare for most homeowners. It can happen at any time, and chances are, when you actually do notice it, the leak has likely been going on for weeks or months! You might notice a roof leak as just a dark spot on the ceiling, or maybe even wet walls. And with a really bad leak, you’ll see it actually drip water right from a wet spot! Not addressing this leak could be disastrous, leading to a sagging roof, rot, and mold. 

If you notice any signs of a roof leak, getting a professional roof inspection is essential. Most of the time a leak doesn’t originate just above where you notice water. The water from the leak travels around the roofing structure and shows up in different parts of the home. However, a professional team like ours at Stay Dry Roofing can locate the problem area and take care of it without much trouble…if addressed right away!

Improper repairs

Who you choose to have your repairs done makes a big difference on the longevity and success of the repair work. When a problem is given just a band-aid solution, the work does not last, and can even make the problem worse in the long run! This is one of the reasons we encourage homeowners to avoid doing their own roof repairs or to avoid hiring a handyman to do repairs. 

If you need to get some work done, allow Stay Dry Roofing to help! We provide estimates and are honest and reliable. Our roofing contractors are experienced when it comes to identifying roof problems and can give you simple and effective solutions to help.

Need help with your roof?

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