3 Signs that often mean a new roof is needed

When is it absolutely necessary to replace your roof?

It’s no secret that replacing the roof on your home can be somewhat pricey, but the value of a new reliable roof always makes the decision worthwhile. While many roofs can last anywhere from 15-25 years, there are many factors that can contribute to your need for a new roof sooner rather than later. And when it comes to roof replacement, you never want to be in the situation where you require urgent replacement, because that usually leads to big bills and making sacrifices on quality roofing contractors.

Luckily, at Stay Dry Roofing in Tampa, FL, we are the area’s leaders in new roofs and roof replacements. We regularly work to install quality roofing solutions on new constructions and older homes that are in need of a refresher. If you are looking for the leading contractor in the area, we have over 30 years of experience that we can offer to your home and the warranties to back it up!

Reasons to consider a new roof

  • Safety – A new roof will protect your family, business, and belongings for years to come.
  • Property Value – Looking to sell your home soon? Buyers love a new roof!
  • Curb Appeal – With our numerous roofing options, you can have a roof that stands out.
  • Hurricane Protection – A new and well-built roof can withstand greater hurricane winds and debris.
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3 Signs to look for that signal you may need a new roof

While having a new roof over your home offers numerous advantages, there are many people who simply might not need a new roof right away. Those who have a roof that is not displaying any of the below signs, can typically get by with just routine roof inspections every year or after any big hurricanes pass through the area. However, our team at Stay Dry Roofing has identified four of the most common problems we see that signify a new roof should be a top priority.

1. Your neighbors are getting new roofs

Often, homeowners are unsure of how old their roof actually is. With the regular buying and selling of houses, the actual age of the roof can be lost in the shuffle. Are you living under the original roof? When was the last time maintenance was performed? Has there been repairs performed already? A great number of homeowners can’t answer those questions, which leads to a lack of general knowledge on when it is time to replace their roof. 

However, a great way to tell if it’s time for a new roof is to look at what your neighbors are doing. If you live in a neighborhood, chances are, all the homes were built within a few years of each other. So if one or more are getting the work done, then you can bet you might need a new roof as well. Scheduling an estimate or inspection can get you started on the right foot!

2. Your roof is looking like a garden

If you are seeing plants and moss grow on your roof, that is not a good sign. Some homeowners believe that it adds “rustic charm” or that their roof has become a garden that they don’t need to maintain. But the truth is that a roof that is growing anything is compromised and likely experiencing water damage and structural degradation. When you have cracked, missing, or damaged roof shingles, water and moisture can gather and begin to grow mold, moss, or even other plants from surrounding trees and shrubbery. 

The reason you should look into this is because once the water and moisture has gotten into the roofing structures, it can quickly begin to rot. This compromises both the shingles and the roofing supports. If this “garden” is left unattended, many people eventually see a sagging roof and it can eventually collapse in on itself. The solution is to clear away the growth and call a professional roofing contractor to assess the damage. Many times, if this overgrowth encompases a large portion of your roof, a new roof is often the best option.

3. Your roof is missing shingles or shingles are discolored

While some discoloration of shingles can be normal, if your roof looks like a patchwork quilt, that is a sign that many repairs have been done…and poorly. Even if you need to have roof repair done, your roofing contractor should be able to match the same shingles you currently have for a seamless look. When contractors start using different shingles or lower quality shingles, you’ll start to see a mismatched roof. And if you are missing shingles entirely, it can even be as distracting as if you had a missing tooth in your front teeth!

When your roof has so many missing shingles or discoloration, the only thing you can truly do is replace the roof. Replacing these missing shingles or discolored shingles doesn’t fix the ultimate problem. This just covers up the concern. A new roof will get you a uniform, complete roof that you can rely on for years to come.

Do you see any of these signs?

If any of the above signs are present on your roof, give Stay Dry Roofing a call today! We can help you navigate the process of getting a new roof easily. Our family owned and operated business truly cares about each of our clients and treats your home as a home, not a worksite. We also offer some of the best warranties in the industry as GAF Master Elite Contractors. Some of these warranties can protect your home for up to 50 years! If you are in any way concerned about your roof, give us a call today!

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