2021 Active Hurricane season and how to prepare.

Keep your home safe during hurricane season

Living in Florida, we’ve all come to understand the risks hurricane season brings, especially when it comes to our homes. While losing power for several days can be a big hassle, those who take the brunt of the storm can be in for a much bigger headache, especially if you experience roof damage. With Florida just barely dodging Hurricane Ira not long ago, you may have seen images of roofs being ripped right off homes and businesses! And while rare, it can and does happen! 

Luckily, staying proactive before, during, and after hurricane season can keep your home, roof, and family safe, while giving you peace of mind throughout the season. Stay Dry Roofing has been serving Tampa, FL residents with roof damage repair and replacement during hurricane season for over 30 years, and we’re happy to share our tips and advice to make sure you come out safe and sound.

Preparing prior to the season

It is never a bad idea to get started preparing for hurricane season early. Being well prepared means that you can relax during most of the season knowing that your home is protected and family is safe. One of the best things you can do in preparation is ensure your roof is well maintained. At Stay Dry Roofing, we recommend having your roof inspected at least once a year. By performing this roof inspection prior to hurricane season, you can catch any roof damage or compromised locations on your roof early. Repairing these problem areas right away will ensure your roof is strong during even the worst of hurricanes!

Another great way to get prepared is by taking care of your trees. This means pruning back any large overhanging branches, or even removing old, dead trees. One of the biggest dangers to even the most secure roof is a heavy tree falling down on it. By keeping your yard and trees in check, you’ll be safe from most debris that could potentially harm your roof.

Preparing during the season

The biggest problem during hurricane season, August through October (and sometimes longer!) is that most everyone is trying to prepare as well. This leads to long delays in roof inspections, maintenance, and roof damage repair. Not to mention taking care of your trees at this point becomes much harder to do as many arborists and tree companies are booked. If this is the case, calling around to multiple companies to find who can get you on the books soonest is ideal. At Stay Dry Roofing, we strive to fit all our clients in our schedule in a timely manner and can often give you a timeframe when you call.

Our second tip for preparing during the season is to stay vigilant after each big storm, even if it’s not a hurricane. Go outside and check your roof for fallen debris, look for pieces of shingles or tile, and check your trees for broken limbs that are barely hanging on. If you see anything concerning at all, make a call to a professional! Even just a single missing shingle or broken roof tile can lead to a leak that will compromise your roof and potentially damage parts of your home. 

2021 Active Hurricane season

Preparing after the season

Congratulations! You’ve made it through another active hurricane season! While you have breathing room now and won’t have to worry about any imminent danger, now is the best time to start preparing. The first thing you should do is consider any aspects of your hurricane plan that felt weak or needed improvements. Do you need more supplies? How about a generator? Does any tree look like it was uprooted, even slightly? Learning from past seasons is how every Floridian improves for the next. 

Second, consider the state of your roof again. If your roof is over 20 years old, or shows any signs of damage, it might be worthwhile to consider replacing it. While roof replacement might sound scary, it really is a simple process when you work with a professional team like Stay Dry Roofing! And now that the hurricane season is over, you won’t have to be worrying about finishing the construction on time.

In many cases, our own schedule is more free at this time as most other people (not you!) are going to wait until the last minute again. We can give you an estimate and help you understand what roof would be great for your needs. And best of all, many of our roofing options can keep you safe and protected for many, many years to come!

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Stay Dry Roofing has been serving the Tampa, FL area for over 30 years! We help our Tampa Bay neighbors with everything from roof damage repair to new roof construction. Our family owned and operated business truly cares about each of our customers and we always treat your home, time, and family with respect. Our team also works with some of the leading roofing companies like GAF, and we are proud to be Master Elite Contractors, able to provide warranties of up to 50 years! Get in touch with us today and ensure your family stays dry all season long!

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